Jun 19, 2017

Docker Compose

I think it’s rare that I get excited about software these days. Things don’t seem as magical as they used to. But I tried out Docker Compose recently and whoa.

I cloned github.com/singram/mongo-docker-compose and ran docker-compose up and boom. I had a full set of MongoDB containers running on my laptop and talking to each other.

These are Linux containers running MongoDB on my macOS laptop. They’re automatically able to connect to each other. This is magical!

A coworker asked me if I was messing around for fun (probably because I got so excited), but this was actually useful for some MongoDB features that I was adding to VividCortex agents! I think the last time I installed MongoDB was like 5 years ago when I was still in high school, but I was able to get a sharded cluster up and running with Docker Compose with a single shell command. I saved a lot of time.

Want to know what I worked on? Go ask my coworkers at Velocity or MongoDB World this week!

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