Jan 6, 2013

Time machine.


I really want a time machine. I want to meet past-Preetam. I’m different from him, and in some ways it’s incredibly significant. I forget what he was like. I forget how he thought. I want to hear his stories.

I felt the same way two years ago, I think. That’s why I started a blog. It’s gone now, unfortunately. There’s nothing I can do about it.


I’m terrible with names. It’s funny. A while ago I wanted to start a serious blog that I was going to dedicate a significant amount of time to. I literally used a dictionary to assemble a list of available words that ended with “me” that I could use as a domain name. “Misframe” was one of those few words. I chose it.


It didn’t mean anything then. It was just a word. Just a domain name that I registered. I thought I was going to give examples of how other people misframed or failed to plan.

It means more to me now. It defines me. I am a misframer. I misframe. I make mistakes all the time. I contradict myself. I start over. I waste time. I get myself into all kinds of weird situations.


But I learn. I’ve had moments. Fear. Terror. Frustration. Anxiety. Elation. Joy. Bliss. Ecstasy. Those moments are gone, but I want to remember. Sometimes all I have is a tweet—fewer than 160 characters. I sometimes remember how I felt or what I thought. Those memories are fading.


I (try to) write for retention. Joe Satriani does it, except with music. I’d like to do what he does. He talks about playing “Flying in a Blue Dream” and going back to the memories of himself flying around his neighborhood as a kid.

I’m an INTJ. I’m a planner. I just don’t execute. I want to save. I want to retain. I want to be able to go back. Yet, despite my efforts, I just misframe.

Maybe I just need to get my act together.

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