Nov 11, 2012

The Journey to Perfection.

I start many things. I never finish anything. For some reason, I think of “finishing” as perfecting. I never think of something I create to be perfect. That’s just unrealistic. So here I am with a mountain of works in progress.


I think about writing all the time. I’ve been thinking about a certain blog post for months. I think about it when I’m walking to a class, in the bathroom (seriously), or when I’m trying to fall asleep. It’s always in my head, but never out. I have this issue of not taking the time to write down my thoughts. I don’t want to do it because while it makes complete sense for me, it ultimately ends up being incoherent for others. I end up not writing fearing imperfection.


I really like learning Joe Satriani songs. He’s an amazing guitarist and I aspire to be a guitarist at his level. One of my favorite songs has to be Summer Song. I distinctly remember the summer of 2009 – tethering my phone to my laptop and listening to Summer Song on YouTube. It’s an amazing song and I love to play however much I know. It’s been about three years now, and I still haven’t finished learning that song. I keep putting off the rest simply because I want to improve the parts I already know.

“Good enough.”

I need to stop treating completion as a single target. Work needs iterations. This will sound cliche, but it’s true: perfection is a journey. I need to get into that mindset. This post is good enough. This blog platform is good enough. This design is good enough. I’m not going to start or finish anything with perfection in mind. That would be misframing.

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