Oct 16, 2014

The Crazy One

We should be celebrating the ones who take time to slow down and better understand themselves, the ones who are shaken by life’s beauty, the ones who aren’t afraid to be alone, the ones who play the baby grand piano when no one’s listening, the ones who don’t follow the money, the ones who practice compassion, the ones who admit the only thing they know is that they know nothing at all. — The Crazy Ones, Part II

I liked that paragraph, especially the part about the piano.

It reminded me of this review of Bitcable I found: https://www.96mb.com/96mb-low-end-vps-review-part-xix-bitcable/

Some people ask for a free trial in order to write a review. This reviewer did not. I had no idea he would write this, so I did not give him any sort of special treatment. Looking back, I’m really impressed I was able to pull that off. I was generally as quick for every client.

This was a little over three years ago, in August 2011. Yeah. I was in the middle of a summer internship. Each day was eight hours of interning, plus two hours to commute to Fairfax and back, and then I was home checking my emails often :). For some reason I thought that it was a good use of my time.

When you’re interning (or working in general), there’s always someone looking at your work. There are those who guide you, mentor you, and make sure you’re doing the right thing. Your hard work usually gets noticed and (hopefully) appreciated. There’s an incentive to work hard. This is also the case when you go to school. You get good grades. Teachers (and professors, I guess) notice that.

Working on my web hosting thing was something I did (and still do) all by myself. There are no guides. No mentors. No one to tell you that you’re doing the right thing. Most importantly, you’re not exactly rewarded for your hard work. No one sees the work. It sounds crazy. I think it reminds me of mad scientists working alone an a dark lab on some complicated experiments. I was the crazy one. I was experimenting and writing stuff like this VM provisioning thing. That script was buried away somewhere until I found it again three years later.


I personally think that entrepreneurs are the crazy type. And you can’t teach crazy. I’m not a fan of the entrepreneurship stuff that people organize and sign up for. Have you seen the How to Start a Startup series? Paul Graham mentions in lecture 3 that “the best way to learn on how to start a startup is just to just try to start it.”

Hm… I guess I’ll mention that perhaps the most amazing things are happening all the time and they simply go unnoticed. That doesn’t apply to me, of course… have you seen the screenshots I’ve tweeted? :P Maybe I should stop doing that…

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