Sep 22, 2014

Overdue invoices

I used to subscribe to CloudLinux but then stopped. I do not use CloudLinux anymore.

I’m still getting invoiced every month even though I’m not using my license at all.

CloudLinux email

And so, every month, my balance goes up. I will not pay it. Why should I? I didn’t use their service! It’s too much of a hassle, in my opinion, to contact them about it. Eh.

Here’s the thing: I can’t get another license from them unless I cough up the $42.00, right? That discourages me from subscribing again.

You know, the similar happened to me with Ksplice Uptrack. I started using Ksplice before the Oracle purchase, so I had a few licenses and installed it on all of my servers. Somehow I think I forgot to pay my invoices and now I have like a $70+ balance. I’m not using Ksplice on my servers anymore. Well, I can’t install it now without paying my bills, right? So, yeah. Don’t tell Oracle :P.

If you’re a service company, please:

  1. Don’t bill me for things I don’t use.
  2. Don’t keep my service going if I don’t pay the bill.
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