Jul 26, 2014

I have a dedicated bagger at Kroger.

I have a dedicated bagger at Kroger. Kroger’s a grocery store, if you’re unfamiliar with it. Whenever I go to Kroger to get groceries, the same person (probably still in high school) bags my stuff. And no, it’s not me because I don’t use the self-checkout ;).

It all started last month…

I went to Kroger again a week or two later. As I got my card out to pay for my groceries, the person bagging my groceries said, “Hello!” I looked up, and it’s the same kid again. Guess what he asked me. The next time I got groceries was on a Sunday night, I think. There was no bagger that time :P.

Since I started expecting this pattern, I decided to specifically avoid the checkout lane with this bagger. That’s what I did the next time I went to Kroger. Guess what happened? The bagger switched spots. And he asked me if I came from India. This time, he told me he wants to study abroad in India. Then it sorta started to make sense… sorta.

I went back to Kroger today. I saw this certain bagger, and yet again decided to avoid the lane he was at. I ended up behind a brown-skinned girl. I waited as she checked out her groceries, and then noticed the dedicated bagger walk over to our lane. Now, guess what he asked her (you can do it!). She said she was from Nepal, and he gave the little speech again. Then it was my turn to check out. This time, he didn’t ask me if I came from India, but rather where I came from.

I told him, “India,” and then he started asking me about badminton and whether or not it was nationally popular or only regionally. I have no idea :P. I’m probably the worst person to ask.

So… I guess I have a dedicated bagger at Kroger. I mean, this kid is dedicated. I wonder if he will actually end up studying in India. I’m doubtful, though. He seems to have memory problems.

…maybe I should pick a different country every time I see him…

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