Sep 8, 2014

Cursive ‘f’

I was sitting in one of my math classes the other day (how specific!) and noticed that my professor had an interesting way of writing his lowercase cursive ‘f’. You know how the bottom loop thing should go to the right? He wrote his going to the left. I thought it was weird because I thought it wasn’t correct. Then I thought, “wait, have I been writing my ‘f’ wrong?!”

Later that day, I started doing homework for another class. I flipped to the end of my textbook to check over my answers and saw a sheet of paper with some notes on it. This is a rental, so it’s probably from the previous person. I noticed something interesting about this person’s cursive ‘f’…

That’s exactly how my professor does it! I had to make sure I wasn’t doing it wrong, so I asked an apartmentmate to write a cursive ‘f’.

#2 and #3 are his, #1 is mine, and #4 is how the weird people do it :P. How’d they pick that up? It’s more of a cursive long s, but no one uses that anymore!

The first image says “1834.” Interesting…

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