Jan 1, 2021

Objectives for 2021

Happy New Year! 2020 was very different than what I was expecting. Even with COVID-19 and its craziness, I’m glad I managed to get through 2020 relatively stress-free. I think the books about resilience I mentioned in my objectives for 2020 post helped with that.

Here are my objectives for 2021, regardless of what kind of year it’ll be.


I want to buy fewer things in 2021 and make the stuff I already have last a long time. For example, at this point I have enough pens and notebooks to last me a few years. There’s no reason why I should buy any more.

The same goes for clothes. The end of The Ugly Truth Of Fast Fashion episode of Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj talks about the benefits of simply wearing clothes longer to reduce their carbon footprint.

I’m also not buying any new Apple products soon. My MacBook Pro (2015), iPhone 11 Pro (2019), Watch (2020), and iPad (2018) are all working fine. Apple is really good about making their products last.

Finally, I want to consume fewer animal products. I’ve already been trying to minimize meat consumption for the past year, and in 2021 I want to avoid all meat except fish.

Also see minimalism.

Be more balanced.

In 2020 I spent a lot of time doing just a few things. For example, I’ve easily made over 1000 trades on stocks and options (886 trades on Robinhood alone). In 2021 I want to be more balanced and spread my time across lots of things, including:

Create more content.

I keep telling myself every year to write more. I need to be more serious about it! I also want to take more photos. It’s more challenging these days given I’m not traveling as much anymore.

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