Mar 29, 2018

Career Advice

I don’t give a lot of advice because I think most advice depends on experience, which varies a lot. When I do give “advice” I just share what has worked for me based on my experiences. But there’s one exception. When I started college and had almost no idea what to do1, I2 came up with some advice for myself that I thought would help me stay focused and have the highest probability of success.

Five years later, that piece of advice has become one of my top goals because it’s worked really well for me so far. Here it is:

Find something you like and are good at, and become the best.

Every day is about figuring out how to make progress on that goal. I ask myself things like

and so on.

Sometimes the answers change and sometimes they don’t, but I always feel like I’m on the right track. Hopefully that helps you too.

  1. I decided to get a math degree and figured I’d get into finance or something.
  2. OK, I’m not sure I came up with this myself or if someone else came up with it and shared it with me, but… whatever. It’s mine now :).
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