Feb 8, 2017

Current projects

What am I working on right now? I have a bunch of stuff in progress that’s keeping me very busy.

I’m still working on lm2, my generic key-value storage library written in Go. There are bug fixes every now and then, but it seems stable for the most part. That’s the nice thing about keeping things simple. I could’ve spent the next decade working on a great storage engine, but this slow, simple thing is enough for me!

I’m using lm2 as much as possible. Everything I’ve been working on lately uses it for storage. The biggest of those projects is Epsilon, my events storage service. It took a while to figure out the architecture and design, but now I think I’ve settled on something really elegant. There will be more posts on that soon.

If I have an events service, I have to start sending events. The easiest way for me to send real data to Epsilon was to send web traffic events. Specifically, the traffic to this blog! I blogged about the Alpha analytics project recently.

Here’s what that looks like right now. All of the data is coming from an Epsilon node.

Alpha screenshot

I’ve had some long nights trying to figure out responsive D3.js stuff with Mithril.js…

Alpha is neat and useful, but it’s not really the thing I really want to build. My goal is to use Epsilon for personal finance and health info. Kind of like Mint or Gyroscope, but waaay more data-driven.

But fetching that information is really tedious. Most personal finance data like credit card transactions, balances, etc. are available for export, but every company seems to have its own CSV format. Same thing for personal health data.

Here’s an example of a few bank account CSVs:

CSV formats

But that’s not even all of the information I want to capture. I have a bunch of other info that isn’t automatically tracked like nutrition stats or exercise stats, which have to be tracked manually and regularly. Real-world, human instrumentation is… complicated :). But I have an entire lifetime to figure it out.

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