Nov 5, 2016

Epsilon: An Events Database

I’m working on an events database. I work for a monitoring company, so I know about the value monitoring can provide. We monitor as much as we can about databases.

What gets measured gets managed.
—Peter Drucker

There’s a bunch of stuff in my personal life that’s tracked / monitored already.

All of these things can be treated as events. Unfortunately, all of these events are stored in totally separate places. Health data is in Apple’s HealthKit or FitBit, my ratings are basically only on Twitter or Facebook as status updates, and financial information is at my banks. I want everything in one place. I’m building a database for it, and (for now) it’s called Epsilon.

Epsilon isn’t anything impressive. I want it to be enough to make a few dashboards, but I also want it to be a playground for experimentation.

Eventually, I’d like to have a system with

The storage part is already working (I’ve had tons of practice šŸ˜›). I’ll dig into replication in the next few weeks.

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