Aug 30, 2015

Time For Something Different

Back when I was 16, I never thought about where I’d be five years from then. I didn’t even know where I would go for college. I certainly didn’t think I would be still running a web hosting business. The thought never came up.

The following was posted today on WebHostingTalk:

Going to miss Bitcable

As Bitcable will be shutting down its operations on 10/1/2015 (as announced to its customers), I would like to wish Preetam the best moving forward.

Since signing up with Bitcable in 2011, I’ve received nothing but professional, uneventful, and high-performing service. Thanks for that!


Messages like that just make my day. I love my customers. Unfortunately though, it’s time to say goodbye. As mentioned in that thread, I’m moving on to bigger and better things. It’s time for something different.

Starting a hosting business is something that I think no 16-year-old should ever do. That was the advice I got too. No matter how many people discourage it, or how difficult it is, there will be kids out there starting crazy stuff like this without a clue of what they’re getting into. But they’re the ones who should be doing it. The ones who go against what everyone else says, are not afraid to take risks, dedicate themselves, and challenge themselves without anyone telling them what to do or overseeing their accomplishments are more likely to achieve something great.

It’s been a long journey, but this is just the beginning. I have no doubt that the next five years will be a lot more significant than the last.

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